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Whether your goal is to transform your existing surroundings or create the home you have always wanted, Patti Dixon Design will help you achieve something extraordinary...

Inviting Color to Vail Valley Interior Design

Winter 2022 issue of Vail Valley Magazine

Patti Dixon creates so many interiors that it’s hard to choose just one. But her favorite room of 2021 is a great room located in a Cordillera home. Her challenge began with brightening up the home’s darker elements, with its existing log-and-brown wood features, as well as its busy, predominantly maroon rug and maroon and cream furniture; her clients preferred lighter, softer tones of gray and tan, with accents of pink, magenta and turquoise.

Retro Fit

Summer/Fall 2021 issue of Vail-Beaver Creek Magazine

Three years ago, Tom and Heidi Havenstrite were packing up their Vail Village timeshare and preparing to return home to Oklahoma after yet another heavenly family spring-break ski vacation when their daughter made a canny observation.

High End Interior Design

Traditional to Modern & Everything Between | Patti Dixon Deisgn Edwards, CO

Patti Dixon Design specializing in luxury interior design for the 21st century. Passion, talent, and experience in the Vail Valley since 1981. Good interior design reflects the passions and personalities of our clients, which is why each residence is distinctly different. We thrive on client collaboration and creativity.

The Design of Art

Vail Valley Magazine Summer of 2017

Sometimes there is a piece of art that speaks to you – perhaps it even embodies ideas and feelings that are important to you and your life – and you know you want it front and center in your home. But how best to accomplish this? And, just as importantly, how to have it work with the overall design of your room, your home?

Vail Beaver Creek Magazine


This Saddle Ridge enclave was originally built at the end of the road in Beaver Creek in 1988 as a corporate retreat where the executives and clients of the Shearson Lehman/American express financial firm could hobnob while indulging their inner cowboys.

Other Publications

Various publications and magazines featuring interior design work of Patti Dixon.

  • Vail Beaver Creek Magazine - "The Magic of Morningstar", Summer/Fall 2003
  • Colorado Homes Magazine - Front Cover & feature article, Sept/Oct 2000
  • Colorado Homes Magazine - "Private screenings State-of the-art technology brings Hollywood home", July/Aug 1999
  • Audio Video Interiors, Feature Article - "Magic Mountain", Oct 1999 pg. 52-59
  • Denver Rocky Mountain News, Home Front Section - "Rooms with a Point of View", Jan 9th, 2000
Honors & Awards

We are honored to be a five time B.E.A.M. Award recipient for Best Interior Design awarded by the National Association of Home builders:

  • 2006 Borders Road residence - Beaver Creek, CO
  • 2004 Hlavacek Project - Cordillera, CO
  • 1987-88: Roulston Arrowhead Residence - Edwards, CO
  • 1989-90: Cipriani Ironwood Residence - Beaver Creek, Colorado
  • 1995-96: Bickel Residence - Beaver Creek, CO
  • Interior design services since 1982

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